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What is activated charcoal?

Don’t be dismayed by its dark aesthetic and odourless scent - activated charcoal is one of the most adsorbent materials out there. In fact, a single gram of our raw medicinal charcoal has an adsorbent surface area of ~500 square meters.

Activated charcoal is formulated to combat pollutants caused by environmental stressors like anxiety and urban toxicity. It is able to adsorb viruses, bacteria, funguses, and other toxins reducing the burden on your body to naturally detoxify and purify on its own. 

From deep cleanse pH balancing to teeth whitening, the number of applications of our chemical free activated charcoal is vast but our vision remains. Living healthier and sustainably is attainable when you have the right tools.

Purify, detox, and restore with activated charcoal derived products by 


Kim Morrison :

How much is in 1tsp and how many a day can I take? Is it good to mix with collagen protein with greens and phyto berry complexes?
Kim ?

Mar 30, 2017

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