Carbon Features

Carbon offers much more than most other social platforms. Many unique features are already available and we have more to come soon. Here are just some of our key features.
  • Social Posting

Carbon offers a typical social platform including the best aspects of other popular networks. Gain followers, follow topics and make friends. Carbon has a heavy emphasis on free speech and anti censorship. We don’t use sneaky algorithms to filter or limit your experience, or your voice.

  • Encrypted Messenger

End to end encrypted messages between you and another user, or up to 30 users in a group chat. We don’t have the encryption keys and have no access to your messages at all. You can choose to store your encryption keys in your browser storage, or generate fresh keys every time you launch the messenger.

  • Carbon Play – Play to Earn Gaming

We have great experience in game development, so we’re building our own games exclusively for Carbon, in a section called Carbon Play. Multiplayer games allowing users to enter with CRBN tokens, to win more including great bonuses! We’ve already released BattleTanks for you to try, and our users are hooked!

  • Crypto Portfolio Tracker

We’ve built in an awesome cryptocurrency portfolio tracker, allowing you to paste in wallet addresses or add custom transactions and monitor your balance. Carbon Portfolio works with ERC20 and other chains such as BSC. Carbon is the new best way to track your portfolio without needing to constantly manually edit your holdings.

  • Faves

List your Top 20 favourite things across many categories such as movies, TV shows, people, cars, cities and more. View Global Top 20 lists compiled from all Carbon users and discover what’s trending. Faves is a great way to share what you love, and discover new things. In future we plan to integrate popular Faves to their Carbon profiles or official links.

  • Carbonian NFTs

We’ve designed a very limited and exclusive series of NFTs called Carbonians. There are only 100 in existence and they initially sold out in seconds! They include great utility on the Carbon platform including free gaming entries and monthly lotteries. Check out the Carbonians here.

  • Leaderboards

Leaderboards show the top 300 Carbon users each month, based on points they have earned in the platform. You can earn points for reacts on your posts and comments, and soon for your gaming achievements. There are also individual leaderboards for each Carbon Play game so you can see which users are taking out the most rewards!

  • Tipping

Carbon users can send instant tips to other users in just a few clicks, right from each social post or from their profile page. Tips are in Carbon Credits and can be withdrawn easily on ETH, BSC or Matic chains.

  • Carbon Live

Carbon Live allows users to post anything, anytime for their followers. No need for a post title or topic. We’ll also be integrating an activity feed into Carbon Live showing latest activity from those you are following, and alerting others to your recent Carbon activity. This will help to grow your follower base. Carbon Live can be considered to be a Twitter-style feature.

  • Live Chats – Coming Soon

Every user has their own live chat section, where their followers can chat any time. Users can control who has access to their chat. Options include followers, paid subscribers, specific token holders and more. For example, a user might choose to only allow LINK token holders to access their chat. Or, they may require a 30 day paid subscription. These chats will also apply to brands or team accounts. Carbon chats are unlike any other.