Activated Charcoal

Looking for a deep cleanser, detoxifier, and impurity absorber? Look no further than our Medicinal Activated Charcoal. A perfect solution for diy charcoal facemasks, detox waters, and charcoal lemonades.

  • Virgin Coconut Source
  • 70 Servings / Masks
  • Chemical Free (Steam Activation)
  • Medical Grade
  • Ultra Fine Powder for Improved Toxin Adsorption
  • Alkaline pH
  • Ethically Sourced
  • Meets US & European Pharmacopeia Purity Standards

Helpful reminder: Allow product to settle at the bottom of the pouch before opening and err on the side of caution when re-opening as Activated Charcoal can get messy, but not to worry simply rinse with water and pat (don't scrub!) with fresh paper towel to clean.

For more information check out our Activated Charcoal FAQ

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