Carbon features an awesome rewards system, rewarding content creators and CRBN token holders with a monthly airdrop.

Carbon Content Creators

To earn points (and then rewards) you must either hold CRBN tokens or have a Carbon Content Creator badge on your profile. We award the badge to users who have proven they create good content, or they are an existing influencer or verified content creator on other platforms.

Please don’t ask us for the badge, we will find you. We have a team constantly browsing through content from all users. Badges are not earned for opinions or subject matter, they are awarded for quality, effort, originality and thought provoking content that creates discussion.

How to Earn Points

The only 2 ways to earn points are:
1) Hold CRBN tokens.
2) Earn the Content Creator badge and then earn points for your content, as below.

Reacts on your posts: 2 pts
Thumbs down on your posts: No pts deducted (but none earned)
Upvote on your comment: 1 pt
Vote on your polls: 1 pt
Points per 1,000 CRBN in your connected wallet: 20
Refer a friend: 5 pts per referral

So as an example, Bob has 5,000 CRBN, creates a post that gets 20 upvotes, and a comment that gets 15 upvotes. He also refers 3 friends.
100 pts for CRBN holdings, 40 pts for post upvotes, 15 pts for comment upvotes. 15pts for referrals.  Total 170 points.

There may be more point allocations for other tasks later on (coming with new features)

The Leaderboard System

Rewards periods run for 1 month, generally ending on the 15th of each month.

At the end of each rewards period, the Top 300 ranked users on the leaderboard share in 300,000 CRBN tokens, according to their finishing position.

We have a tiered payout system resulting in a fair and generous spread of rewards.

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Rewards System FAQs

When will I get my rewards?2021-06-14T03:43:38+00:00

Our rewards periods run for one month at a time, generally ending on the 15th of each month (unless it falls on a weekend or holiday).

You will automatically receive any rewards you are entitled to. You don’t need to do anything and it doesn’t cost you anything to receive the rewards. Your rewards will be sent to your connected Carbon wallet or to the payout address you entered into your settings.

Can other users see my wallet address?2021-04-16T04:24:05+00:00

No, we don’t make your wallet address public at all. Of course, they may look at Etherscan and try to work it out based on your points (from holdings).

What can I do with my CRBN token rewards?2021-04-16T04:25:43+00:00

You can trade them for ETH, UDST or Bitcoin on various exchanges.

You can also hold them in your wallet for an even greater points boost in future rewards periods.

You can also use them within the Carbon platform for unlocking various tools, upgrades and features.

I’m not really into crypto, can I still earn rewards?2021-08-30T02:29:20+00:00

All users can to enter a payout wallet address into their Carbon account, via the settings section. This allows all users to earn and receive rewards, regardless of signup method.

You will of course need to set up a wallet to receive the rewards, and there are a lot of tutorials available on how to setup an ETH wallet.

You can also earn tips from other users, and soon you’ll be able to monetise your private content via subscriptions.

How do I create a good post?2021-04-25T01:10:13+00:00

Quality over quantity. You are far better off posting one great post, than 20 thoughtless posts. Posting too many pointless posts will lead to users muting you, and unlikely to earn you any upvotes.

One great post can easily go viral and send you rocketing up the leaderboard on its own.

Put some thought into the content. Does it need to exist? Will people be interested in reading it?

Try to post interesting, thought provoking content and you’ll get the best response.

Posting into relevant groups is also a great idea as you will have the most engaged audience and best discussions.

How are Carbon user levels reached?2021-09-14T07:42:00+00:00

There are all time points targets to reach each user level. They are as follows. Note: These are ALL TIME points, not just within a rewards period.

Level 1: 200 pts
Level 2: 2,000 pts
Level 3: 10,000 pts
Level 4: 20,000 pts
Level 5: 50,000 pts
Level 6: 100,000 pts
Level 7: 200,000 pts
Level 8: 500,000 pts
Level 9: 1,000,000 pts
Level 10 (Max): 2,000,000 pts

As you can see they get further apart with each level, so it will take quite some time to reach the higher levels but it also means if you see someone with a level 5 or 6 you know they are a really good contributor to the platform, probably worth following.

Point allocation:
React on your posts: 2 pts
Thumbs down on your posts: No pts deducted (but none given)
Upvote on your comment: 1 pt
Vote on your polls: 1 pt
Refer a friend: 5 pts per referral
Points per 1,000 CRBN in your connected wallet: 20 (but these don’t count for all time levels).