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Account Creation FAQs

Using Carbon FAQs

How do I create a good post?2021-04-25T01:10:13+00:00

Quality over quantity. You are far better off posting one great post, than 20 thoughtless posts. Posting too many pointless posts will lead to users muting you, and unlikely to earn you any upvotes.

One great post can easily go viral and send you rocketing up the leaderboard on its own.

Put some thought into the content. Does it need to exist? Will people be interested in reading it?

Try to post interesting, thought provoking content and you’ll get the best response.

Posting into relevant groups is also a great idea as you will have the most engaged audience and best discussions.

What is a Contact vs a Follower?2021-04-25T01:06:47+00:00

A contact should be your actual friends, family, people you know. Imagine this as you would with a Facebook friend. Contacts will be used later on, for DMs and other private features. You shouldn’t accept any contact requests (friend requests)  from people you don’t know. It is harmless, but also pointless.

Followers are people who are following your PUBLIC social posts. Those are all posts you post into public groups or onto your main feed.

So in short, contacts/friends are for private features and followers are for public.

When are DMs and other major features coming?2021-04-19T08:11:17+00:00

Very soon! We’re constantly working on more features. The current beta is quite basic in functionality, but over the next few months you’ll notice Carbon growing and improving.

Get started now and you have a great chance of being an influencer eventually.

How do I earn badges?2021-04-12T06:58:37+00:00

We award badges for various tasks and achievements.

Some of these include:

– Streaks of 10, 25 or 50 posts in a row with 5+ upvotes.
– Posts with 100 upvotes
– OG badge for the first 250 users
– Verified badge for verified users
– Whale badge for 75,000+ CRBN tokens in your wallet
– Many more!

They are designed to reward high quality, long time use of the Carbon platform and let you know which users have been around a while.

How do Carbon Groups work?2021-04-12T06:55:35+00:00

Groups are simply a category for you to post into or browse in. It allows you to go directly to topics that interest you, and also receive a better response and higher visibility to your posts as they won’t be lost in a constantly changing social feed.

To post into a group, visit the group first. For example

Then at the top of the page, click “Create post in Gaming”. Create your post like you would a normal social post. It will appear inside the Gaming group when you are done. It will also appear in your standard social feed for those following you.

Is Carbon 100% censorship free, anything goes free speech?2021-04-12T06:52:47+00:00

Carbon offers all users the same freedoms and rights to express themselves. As with any public platform, there do need to be some ground rules centered around illegal content and abuse or threats of other users or Carbon team members. These are common sense rules that are applied equally to all users.

Here is an excerpt from a recent article, which helps explain our stance.

* * *

You are probably aware, our biggest challenge without a doubt since the beta release has been dealing with a few users looking to deface the platform and generally disrupt things as much as possible. Honestly we don’t understand what makes some people tick but we are using the experience to refine our system, so in a way they are helping us at this early stage.

Our reporting system has been improved now, mostly on the back end to allow us to review reported posts in a more efficient way. We did have to suspend some users for breaking our very clear and simple terms of use.

For a recap, here are those terms:

Carbon does not allow posts featuring the following content:
1) Obscene, sexually explicit or pornographic content
2) Unlawful threatening of individuals
3) Organisation of violence or deliberate calls for lawless action
4) Scams, unlawful gambling and pyramid schemes
5) Violations of the legal rights of individuals including their rights to privacy
6) Links to unlawful content on other websites
7) Infringements on copyrighted or patented information
8) Impersonation of individuals or organisations
9) Malicious links or content that may interfere with the operation of any computer
10) Gratuitous violence and gore
11) Trade of illegal items
12) Use of multiple accounts or bots to abuse the points system, votes system and report system
13) Threats, abuse or privacy violations of Carbon team members
14) All other content illegal under Australian law

The terms are not political and do not target certain opinions or even certain users. They are applied equally to all users. Nobody has been suspended due to their opinions. Thus far, suspensions have been due to vote manipulation, threats or abuse of the team, explicit content and impersonating public figures. It’s fine to claim a well known username, it’s not fine to use it to deceive other users and suggest upcoming projects under their name.

Our rules are common sense. They are designed to create an environment that everyone can enjoy. They are rules that apply in public, and they aren’t designed to shape the conversation or fit a narrative. Carbon does not intend to be a lawless platform where “anything goes”. That has never been our goal. Free speech to us means you’re entitled to your opinions and can discuss anything you like, whilst respecting the few basic rules when using the platform. Your political views are irrelevant to us.

Carbon set out to be a new platform allowing social interactions, crypto tools and other personal tools, encrypted private data, unique anonymous MetaMask signups and more. We never, ever, set out to be an anything goes platform where users can come to freely abuse, insult, attack and threaten each other and the team. It is 100% your choice to use Carbon or not. If our rules are too much for you, please look elsewhere.

How does the points system work with the rewards leaderboard?2021-04-12T06:48:03+00:00

Point allocation:

Upvote on your posts: 0.1 pts
Downvote on your posts: No pts deducted.
Gain a follower: 0.2 pts
Upvote on your comment: 0.05 pts
Points per 1,000 CRBN in your account: 1

So as an example, Bob has 5,000 CRBN, creates a post that gets 20 upvotes, and a comment that gets 15 upvotes. He also gains 5 followers.
5 pts for CRBN holdings, 2 pts for post upvotes, 0.75 pts for comment upvotes, 1 point for followers. Total 8.75 points.

There will be more point allocations for other tasks later on (coming with new features).

There are also multipliers depending on your Carbonian User Level. Currently all users are on level 1, you work your way up the levels based on ALL TIME points. Once you get to Level 3 you begin to get a small multiplier on all future points (x1.1). The max multiplier for any level is x1.5 and that would take a long time and a lot of use to reach. Check your current level in your profile section, there’s a badge with a number on it, probably says 1 right now.

Points are used to rank all users, and you can see this on the leaderboards page. At the end of each rewards period (monthly) the top 300 users share in a pool of CRBN tokens. For the next 8 months or so that amount will be at least 300,000 CRBN per month. The rewards are paid in tiers and can be seen here (first 2 columns):

Rewards Tiers

You can check your rewards points in the last 24 hours, 7 days or in the entire current rewards period on the leaderboard page. We will be adding more useful info about your ranking and the current rewards pool soon.

All of the points allocations are subject to change as we learn more about how users are using the platform.

How so I add an image into my post?2021-04-12T06:45:54+00:00

For now, we only allow images to be hosted on Soon we will allow a full image uploading feature, we’re building it right now.

Here are some basic instructions.

1. Go to and click NEW POST on top left.
2. Click on “Choose Photo/Video”
3. Upload your image and wait until it says “upload complete”.
4. OPEN the image in a new tab
5. Copy the URL of the image itself
6. Click the image icon in your post creation area, and paste that link into your “image insertion” box. You will see a preview.

NOTE: Please don’t upload any images that you don’t want to remain on Imgur. It’s a public website. Make sure you are ok with the image being publicly viewable.

How do I update my profile pic, display name and bio?2021-04-19T08:09:15+00:00

Simple. Login to Carbon and visit the settings page, off the top website menu. The settings page has the profile editing section, as well as a lot of other handy settings.

To upload a profile image:

1. Go to and click NEW POST on top left.
2. Click on “Choose Photo/Video”
3. Upload your image and wait until it says “upload complete”.
4. OPEN the image in a new tab
5. Copy the URL of the image itself
6. Paste it into the image area in your Carbon profile settings.

Where is Carbon based?2021-04-13T00:37:17+00:00

Carbon Chain Pty Ltd is a registered Australian company since July 2020.

We are “decentralised” in terms of our offices, but all founders and developers are based in Western Australia.

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