Carbon is a social platform for crypto fans and gamers.

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Social Network

Carbon is ultimately a social network for crypto fans and gamers. A unique design with elements of Reddit and Twitter, combined with some groundbreaking original features putting the control of your content feed in your hands (no sneaky algorithms!). Carbon values free speech, and is designed to be fun and engaging – not full of conflict.

Free Airdrops

If you hold $CARBON or $BIGROO tokens and are using the Carbon platform, you’ll be eligible to receive free airdrops from multiple tokens. These tokens are issued by crypto project teams joining Carbon. They benefit from exposure to Carbon users, and you benefit from a free allocation of their tokens. One of these tokens might be the next $SHIB!

Play to Earn Games

Carbon includes original games such as BattleTanks – allowing users to play against each other to win real cryptocurrency in the form of Carbon Credits that can be withdrawn to $CARBON tokens and then traded on crypto exchanges. Simple, minimalist, addictive games that anyone can learn in minutes. We’ll be working on building and releasing more games constantly, so stay tuned!

Portfolio Tracker

Carbon will include a BlockFolio style crypto portfolio tracker. Enter your holdings and easily track your portfolio’s performance, including notifications of big moves. The Carbon Portfolio is just another reason you’ll have to stay glued to Carbon constantly.

Crypto Calendar

Crypto teams joining Carbon will be able to create events that you can easily track with the Carbon Calendar. Events such as token sales, swaps, airdrops, exchange listings and more. Carbon makes it easy to know what’s coming up, and benefits the teams with extra exposure to their upcoming events.

Carbon Token Benefits

As well as tipping users, playing P2E games and entering raffles, Carbon holders will receive a share of tokens from the teams joining the platform. That’s right, free tokens from multiple new projects.

Carbon BSC Token details:

CONTRACT: 0xeFb5dF8eB84055026018030E71bC2cdFA2F138B9

The Design

Carbon has a fresh, functional design integrating the crypto, gaming and social aspects seamlessly.

Beautiful on both desktop and mobile. We’re building it right now, and launching on February 27.

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BIG ROO is a meme token by the Carbon team, offering utility on the Carbon platform.

Meet the Carbonians – a very limited NFT collection from Carbon, with special benefits and utilities on the Carbon platform. Get yours now!