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Carbon will bring your day-to-day crypto experience into one awesome place, while rewarding you at the same time. Fully encrypted data that’s as decentralised as you want it to be.
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Carbon Rewards Begin Soon!

  • 1,500,000 CRBN December Rewards shared among Top 300 CRBN Token Holders

  • Rewards tiers ensure a fair distribution of rewards

  • More rewards every month, from the pre-allocated pool plus revenue

Rewards Tiers and Info

Great Rewards

Earn significant monthly rewards on your CRBN holdings if you’re a “Top 300” user. Become a top user through a mix of holding tokens and using the Carbon app. We’re bringing some FUN to the space!

Experienced Team

The team behind Carbon are highly experienced and have a great reputation for delivering working products. Our network of highly regarded developers and technical advisors will ensure a rock solid platform.

Amazing tools

Carbon offers a great range of tools including contacts, notepad, password storage, direct messenger, airdrops and more! Everything you love about your day-to-day crypto life, in one place.

End-to-end Encrypted

Carbon data is fully end-to-end encrypted and the user can choose if they store the encrypted data on the Ethereum blockchain, or on a centralised server. You are in full control of your data.

CRBN Token Distribution

BitBoy Covers Carbon

Project Roadmap

In the area of software and blockchain development, it is difficult to predict accurate timings for deliverables. We’ll do our best to work to the following roadmap, but there may be changes along the way.

November 9, 2020

Token sale on the DistX Platform

November 2020

Listing CRBN tokens on UniSwap with locked liquidity

November & December 2020

Listing CRBN on more exchanges • Partnership focus

December 2020

Front end UI revealed • Possible tech demo

January 2021

Pre-launch marketing commences

End January 2021

Launch with social and contact based features

End February 2021

Launch NFT gallery, donations, leaderboards and more

End March 2021

Launch notepad, password tool and direct messaging

End April 2021

Launch team tools, calendars, airdrops, promotional tools

April 2021 Onwards

Continued expansion of Carbon, more tools and features

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