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Create an account with no personal details required. No emails, no passwords. Your data is as private and secure as cryptocurrency is. Carbon also features a range of awesome personal tools and features, for crypto users and everyone else too. Carbon Beta launches on March 31.
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Next Carbon Rewards March 15th

  • 300,000 CRBN March Rewards

  • Rewards tiers ensure a fair distribution of rewards

  • More rewards every month!

Rewards Tiers & Info
Live Rewards Leaderboard

Great Rewards

Earn significant monthly rewards on your CRBN holdings if you’re a “Top 300” user. Become a top user through a mix of holding tokens and using the Carbon app. We’re bringing some FUN to the space!

Experienced Team

The team behind Carbon are highly experienced and have a great reputation for delivering working products. Our network of highly regarded developers and technical advisors will ensure a rock solid platform. Check out more team info in our whitepaper.

Amazing tools

Carbon offers a great range of tools including contacts, notepad, password storage, direct messenger, airdrops and more! Everything you love about your day-to-day crypto life, in one place.

End-to-end Encrypted

Carbon data is fully end-to-end encrypted and the user can choose if they store the encrypted data on the Ethereum blockchain, or on a centralised server. You are in full control of your data.

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CRBN Tokenomics

Earn Reward Points

CRBN token holdings earn points for each user at a rate of 1 point per 1,000 CRBN. Points rank all users who share in massive rewards pools each month! Put simply, the easiest way to earn reward points is by holding CRBN tokens.

Unlock & Upgrade

Holding various amounts of CRBN tokens can unlock new features, upgrades and tools on the Carbon platform. Do more on Carbon, by holding CRBN tokens!

Buy & Burn

25% of revenue is used to buy and burn CRBN tokens, making CRBN a massively deflationary token!

Promote Posts

CRBN tokens can be used to promote your social posts on the Carbon platform. Great for teams to promote events, or for growing your own social following.


Founders & Team

Rob Culley

Founder & Lead Developer

Daniel Abela

Founder & Designer

Aaron Alderman

System Architect • Full Stack Dev

Our team is based in Perth, Western Australia and have previously worked on various blockchain and cryptocurrency projects. We’ve also designed, built and launched many successful mobile apps and games. We have a team of contracted developers, designers and community managers, and have also hired a top crypto marketing agency to work closely with us. Carbon is a registered Australian company.