Carbon has 4 main content feeds. All are sortable by “Best” or “Newest”.

Global feed: This shows the best posts from all topics and all users, through the entire app. This is useful for users who have not joined yet or are not logged in, but it also introduces all users to new topics and users they might not have seen before.

My Topics feed: This shows the best posts ONLY from within Topics you are following. For example if you are following “Cars” “Movies” and “Food” you will only see posts from these 3 topics, in your My Topics feed.

Following feed: This feed only shows posts from users you are following. It will include all topics.

Carbon Live feed: This feed shows only Carbon Live posts, from users you are following. For more info on Carbon Live posts see the FAQ “What is Carbon Live?”.

If you are following a lot of topics, the best feed for you might be the “My Topics” feed because it will be full of posts that interest you. The Global feed is great for fresh discovery.