Once you’ve created your Carbon account you can deposit your $CARBON tokens into your account at a rate of 1 $CARBON = 1 CC (Carbon Credit). Carbon Credits are the in-app currency used on the platform.

To deposit tokens, connect your MetaMask to Binance Smart Contract network and make sure you have $CARBON Tokens in your wallet (and a small amount of BNB for gas).

Go to Account > Deposit Carbon. Connect MetaMask if you haven’t already.

Type in how many Carbon tokens you want to deposit (you can see how many are in your balance). There is a maximum deposit of 2,500 CARBON day for the time being.

Complete the deposit using MetaMask and your Carbon Credits balance will be updated very quickly. You can see the transaction in your “Transactions” section of the Carbon app, which is inside the Account section.

You now have Carbon Credits and can play games, tip users, enter raffles and much more coming soon. Withdrawing back to Carbon tokens is even simpler!