Carbon Raffles are drawn daily and the prize pool is made up of ticket entry fees from users.

The cost per ticket is 10CC. If 100 tickets are sold, the prize pool is 1000CC. We do not take fees or a cut of any prizes.

There are 3 prizes. 1st wins 50%. 2nd wins 30%. 3rd wins 20%.

To enter the next draw, go to Carbon Play and then Carbon Raffle. Type in how many tickets you want to purchase, and click purchase tickets. You will see how many tickets you have for the next draw.

Carbonian NFT holders get 1 free ticket into every draw. There is also a guaranteed prize pool of 100CC per draw, so there is no risk of winning nothing.

Draws are completely random and all previous draw results can be found in the Carbon Raffle leaderboard.

Winners will also appear in the “What’s Happening” section of the Carbon app (found in the Explore area).