BattleTanks is an original multiplayer play to earn game by Carbon.

To control your tank, click and drag (or touch and drag on mobile) to set your destination. You’ll see a blue circle showing your destination.

Click or tap quickly to shoot.

The aim is to shoot the other tanks (players) and also collect the lootboxes. Players drop a lootbox of 3CC when they are killed. There are also random bonus lootboxes up to 50CC that appear in the game.

When a player spawns, it is in a random position and they are protected with a forcefield for a few seconds.

Hide behind walls or trees to avoid other players shooting you.

Watch our for random bombs! They appear from time to time and you need to get away from them before they detonate.

The cost to enter a game is 3CC and you can track the performance of all players on the Carbon Play Leaderboard. To get CC in your account, you need to deposit $CARBON tokens. You can do this via the accounts section.